We have more than 30 years specialty of manufacturing experience on blow molding machines.

Chen Way machinery is a specialized manufacturer in Taiwan which keeps focus on the customized R & D for blow molding machine since 1990. Our blow molding machine produces mainly hollow plastic vessels ranging from 20ML to 2000L. Every machine are tested rigorously accordingly to the customer production requirement, this process ensures that every machine can run with its maximum effectiveness.

Our Features

Chen Way machine are renowned for quick output and movement, especially for three layers machine and for 200L L-ring drum production. Every time you will be impressed by the minimum production cycle time under the premise of good quality.

Energy and space savings are the most considered things. The machines run under the minimum amount of power usage and without occupying too much space. We do not only think about customer but, also think about the environmental safety.

Rapidly answers every machinery questions via online customer service. Meanwhile well-trained engineers cover the customer needs throughout more than 30 countries, we’ll make sure that all the sold machines are running smoothly and assume all responsibility for after sales services.

100% customized to match the use requirements, factory facilities layout and enhancement the production output. For Chen Way machinery, it’s very important to treat every customer as our lifetime friends.